My Why

When my best friend was diagnosed with cancer, I was devastated. As his illness progressed, many important decisions had to be made. I felt helpless to decide what steps to take to save Buster’s life or to make his last days more comfortable.

When he was a six-week old puppy, we made an instant connection. Without even thinking about it, we talked freely.

But over time I let family and friends convince me that I couldn’t be communicating with my dog.

Now, as he was dying, I would have given anything to be able to communicate with him. What did he want? How much pain was he in? Did he want the vet to help him leave, or did he want to stay longer?

Buster let me know in his own way when it was time to go. Since then I have placed a major emphasis on reawakening my abandoned communication skills so that I can help others when they desire to talk to their animals.

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