Basic Animal Communication

The goal for this workshop is for you to leave with the knowledge and skills needed to communicate with animals. After a discussion of the principles of telepathic communication, we will spend the day doing exercises and receiving feedback from Beth, and the other participants. You can expect to find the quiet internal place and open heart needed for communicating, to feel a deep connection with the animals, to strengthen and develop your communication skills, to get validation of an actual communication between you and an animal, and to have the opportunity to ask questions. This is a fun, noncompetitive workshop where you can relax and be open. We will start exactly where you are and move forward from there.

Using Bodywork to Enhance Your Animal’s Health

This workshop is designed to introduce basic bodywork techniques that you can safely use to keep your animal supple and healthy. It is a hands-on workshop with demonstration on an animal followed by supervised hands-on with participant’s animals. Each workshop will deal with a single species.

Barn Visits

Beth offers a unique combination of communication, bodywork and energy work during barn visits. She has found that combining her animal communication skills with Reiki and related types of energy healing opens the horses to be particularly receptive to bodywork. The bodywork itself is built on Beth’s extensive training as a human massage therapist, refined by training with various vets and equine massage therapists. The most important key seems to be the training that has come specifically from the horses themselves via the use of animal communication during bodywork sessions.

The session begins with the owner introducing the horse to Beth. Greetings between therapists and horse usually include nose breathing or other facial contact as requested by the horse. Following the greeting, Beth proceeds to touch the horse, using a combination of communication and sensitivity in her hands to determine how and where to work on the horse. The hands-on work generally includes a combination of massage, acupressure, stretching, myofascial release, Tellington touch and other related techniques as appropriate to the specific body issues presented by the horse.

As she works, Beth shares her observations and communications with the owner. As Beth encounters areas in the body that need attention, she may interrupt other conversation to point these out as she works the area and to show the owner techniques they can continue to use to help the horse. Throughout the session the owner is also welcome to share observations and ask questions to enhance the session, both for themselves and for their animals.

To keep costs reasonable barn visits are usually scheduled for several horses in the same barn on the same day.

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