How I Work

You and I will talk by phone because we humans basically gave up telepathic communication when we invented words.

Your animal and I will communicate telepathically.

My theory is based on the fact that thoughts are electrical impulses across the nerve cells in our brain. Electric current generates a magnetic field, almost like radio waves. Every thought sends out a signal.

When the thought is private, we keep the signal low or sort of encode it. When the thought is about someone we love, we tend to transmit the signal to them. With our animals, and maybe even with humans, they often respond by sending a signal back. This interaction creates a special wavelength between you and your animal – what I call an energetic connection.

When I talk to you about your animal, I can tune into the frequency that the two of you use. Or with a picture, I can send a signal that the animal may respond to. We each then act as transmitter and receiver to carry on a discussion … telepathic communication.

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